Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So I was transferred less than a quarter mile down the road (welcome to the mission with the smallest proselyting area in the world). But all is good. I live in a duplex with another set of missionaries, and my new companion's name is Elder Stuller. He was born and raised in Germany until he was 12 years old when he moved to Annapolis, MD. He's a great teacher and really connects with people well! I wish I can be as good as he is with people some day. We are the Zone Leaders for the Hunter West Zone and cover the Hunter 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Magna YSA wards. YSA is so much fun! It is a different type of missionary work but I like being with people my age all the time and teaching people who easily become my friends.

Last night we took an investigator, Jessica, to Julie B Becks fireside in our YSA Stake. Before the event began, Elder Stuller and I were pulled in to a private room with Sister Beck, her husband and some Stake presidents from the area. It was cool to talk with her - she is an impressive lady! I also admire her husband for his charity, humility, faith and devotion to the Lord and his wife. After the talks, Jessica decided to be baptized on Feb 23rd!

Last Saturday, the 2nd, Landon and Lucio had their baptisms. It was great to attend both and bare testimony in both. I attached a picture of Lucio's baptism. The Assitants, Sister Schaiffi and Sister Hinton, from Temple Square helped teach him so they were in attendance along with a car full of other sisters. The service was one of the best I've been a part of!

The mission continues to be a blast and I don't think too often of life before - except for a few thoughts of riding a motorcycle and Longhorn football : )

Elder M Joseph Lewis   

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The District

Hello everyone,

  Sorry for the lack of letters; I couldn't go without writing this week:
  This past week my companion Elder Isabell and myself were asked by the Church MIssionary Department to be filmed teaching investigators: The District style! So we had the film crew from the District II in two of our lessons this past Friday! It was awesome! The film is going to train mission presidents this spring on how to teach repentance using the pamphlets. I was extremely nervous but the Spirit that was there was intense and there was no way we could have done any of this project unless it was in fact, the Will of God. It was great to see how everything that could go wrong did before our shoot: the snow storm, railroads, missing missionaries all created an interesting story - in the end the Lord has his way. Anyway, the film is intended only for the mission presidents but there is a good possibility it will have an expanded release to the missionaries. The nickname given to us was, The District A.
  Transfers are next week and I can't believe how fast the past 5 weeks have flown by. I like the latter-half of transfers because Districts seem to be more in sync. I think next week I am going to plan a game for our training to make it more fun. We added a few more baptisms this week, the labor is sweet!

Elder M Joseph Lewis

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
So my last companion is now in Magna and I received a new elder from the MTC last week: Elder Isabell. He is from Bentonville, AK. He is seriously a legend too. He is great and has an awesome way of speaking simply and sincerely. He also super smart! All around great guy. I've also been assigned District Leader of the Copperhill "Cop-aWHAT?" District. Even more opportunities to serve others now - I would love to build some more Charity and Love : ) 

We're working in the Copperhill area (still) and have a baptism coming up on Christmas. We're super excited. It's a great gal named Cyndel (from Peru) who is an English teacher here in SLC. 
I had the privilege of confirming a convert from my previous area in Hunter East Stake. The work is moving forward: Horray for Israel! We should have quite a few baptisms in January-February. I love the work! Although I am getting very tired (more than usual) I hope I"m not getting sick again...
This week marks my two year anniversary of receiving my testimony from God and being baptized/confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-dary Saints. How sweet the Gospel is! Merry Christmas everyone! 

Elder M Joseph Lewis

Thanks for the packages and Letters - you are awesome guys : )

Monday, October 29, 2012


So tomorrow is transfers and I am indeed being transfered. I am sad because I have seen the current area really blossom!! It's awesome though; the new Elder coming into this area should have a quite a few people to work with : ) I am being white-washed into the Copperhill area with a new Elder, so I'll be training! I'm pretty excited about this new position!! I feel a bit stressed trying to plan in my mind moving, training, and begging working in a new area... But the Lord doesn't ask anything of us that he doesn't make possible unto us.

Last week I experienced my first snow storm. That was great! I was on exchanges in the the Hunter East B area with my District Leader when we were hit. I could see the storm off in the distance earlier but didn't think it was snow because there was lightning and thundering. But sure enough there was a lot of snow (for a Texan). It was all gone by noon the next day, which made me feel like I was back home : )
Take Care,
Elder M. Lewis



So I am at the end of Greeny-breaking myself and companion. It's not hard but I think I'll miss the extra time to study everyday. We have transfers next Tuesday, but I think I"m staying here till December...

The weather has been awesome this past week. The week before it was cold, and it should return to that this week. From what I've heard from members we are expecting snow this Wednesday!! That's going to be so cool! (or 'Way' cool)

Last week we baptized an awesome lady!! It is incredible to see how she changed and the now the light of Christ flows contagiously from her. This weekend there will be another (maybe two). I am very grateful to have a part in facilitating the great change in people. This week, one of my favorite families committed to baptism as well. Life is great - but a lot of hard work!

What I've noticed is that the Lord gives you only what you prepare for. And he'll usually give you what you want as long as you are prepared and working to achieve it. Now his will trumps all, but this is a trend I have noticed. 

Anyway, Keep warm and stay safe...

Elder Lewis  

Monday, September 17, 2012

First Transfers

Hey Everyone,

So tomorrow is my first transfers. My trainer is leaving (sad)... But I'm being coupled with my old district leader from the MTC. It's great, I love him, he's a great guy!! It's kind of cool because we've both only been out 6 weeks and we still have 6 more weeks of infield training to do. So we'll be training ourselves : ). I'm also psyched to be called as Senior Companion! Although I'm not sure the title does all that much, it's none the less an honor.
Life in the mission is good. I notice myself falling more and more into my mission - leaving the rest of the world behind - and I love it. It makes the work more enjoyable. We have 5 people on date. It's been messy getting our baptisms to happen. People have moved or a couple need more time - which is good, I don't want to rush anyone on a decision like this. But I hope to have the number doubled by next week : ) Good stuff.

Last week we had regional Conference and it was held at the Conference Center downtown by temple square. That was really neat. And next week is the Brigham City Temple detication. Just more perks to being called to a Utah mission! I'm in the mission choir and that is loads of fun. Very powerful stuff! We had our first performance last night at a Mission fireside in the Granger Stake Center. I'm looking forward to having a fireside like this every month! 
Best of Luck,
Elder Lewis

Monday, August 20, 2012

Que Pasa?!
So I've been in the field for two and a half weeks now. It's great. We are the first group to enter the the Salt Lake City West MIssion offically called there (rather than the SLC South or SLC Missions). I was really homesick and MTC-sick the first several days, but the more I teach the better I have felt.

The mission is very small. It only covers the Granger, Hunter and Magna areas of the Salt Lake Valley. Despite it's small boundary there are supposed to be 140 missionaries here soon. Right now there are less than a hundred so there is some ways to go. My president is great. He has a great wife as well.

My trainer is Elder Isaksen. He has been out over a year and is from Norway. He is a pretty cool guy. Right now we have three people schedule to be baptized and we are working with a lot more towards that goal. There are over 40,000 less active members in our mission so there is a lot of effort being put there. Its so uplifting to see how the Restored Gospel brings happiness and peace into people lives. And then to think that I facilitated their spiritual growth.... Amazing.  
Best of Luck,
Elder M. Lewis