Monday, August 20, 2012

Que Pasa?!
So I've been in the field for two and a half weeks now. It's great. We are the first group to enter the the Salt Lake City West MIssion offically called there (rather than the SLC South or SLC Missions). I was really homesick and MTC-sick the first several days, but the more I teach the better I have felt.

The mission is very small. It only covers the Granger, Hunter and Magna areas of the Salt Lake Valley. Despite it's small boundary there are supposed to be 140 missionaries here soon. Right now there are less than a hundred so there is some ways to go. My president is great. He has a great wife as well.

My trainer is Elder Isaksen. He has been out over a year and is from Norway. He is a pretty cool guy. Right now we have three people schedule to be baptized and we are working with a lot more towards that goal. There are over 40,000 less active members in our mission so there is a lot of effort being put there. Its so uplifting to see how the Restored Gospel brings happiness and peace into people lives. And then to think that I facilitated their spiritual growth.... Amazing.  
Best of Luck,
Elder M. Lewis

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