Monday, October 29, 2012


So tomorrow is transfers and I am indeed being transfered. I am sad because I have seen the current area really blossom!! It's awesome though; the new Elder coming into this area should have a quite a few people to work with : ) I am being white-washed into the Copperhill area with a new Elder, so I'll be training! I'm pretty excited about this new position!! I feel a bit stressed trying to plan in my mind moving, training, and begging working in a new area... But the Lord doesn't ask anything of us that he doesn't make possible unto us.

Last week I experienced my first snow storm. That was great! I was on exchanges in the the Hunter East B area with my District Leader when we were hit. I could see the storm off in the distance earlier but didn't think it was snow because there was lightning and thundering. But sure enough there was a lot of snow (for a Texan). It was all gone by noon the next day, which made me feel like I was back home : )
Take Care,
Elder M. Lewis



So I am at the end of Greeny-breaking myself and companion. It's not hard but I think I'll miss the extra time to study everyday. We have transfers next Tuesday, but I think I"m staying here till December...

The weather has been awesome this past week. The week before it was cold, and it should return to that this week. From what I've heard from members we are expecting snow this Wednesday!! That's going to be so cool! (or 'Way' cool)

Last week we baptized an awesome lady!! It is incredible to see how she changed and the now the light of Christ flows contagiously from her. This weekend there will be another (maybe two). I am very grateful to have a part in facilitating the great change in people. This week, one of my favorite families committed to baptism as well. Life is great - but a lot of hard work!

What I've noticed is that the Lord gives you only what you prepare for. And he'll usually give you what you want as long as you are prepared and working to achieve it. Now his will trumps all, but this is a trend I have noticed. 

Anyway, Keep warm and stay safe...

Elder Lewis